Stand with physicians and patients to keep radical ideology out of healthcare. Promote fairness and equal access to healthcare for everyone, without exception. 

The woke takeover of healthcare is further along than you think. It’s time to shine a light on this rapidly growing crisis – and overcome it together.

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If you wish to donate via mailed check, our address is:
11357 Nuckols Road PMB 115
Glen Allen VA 23059


When the media made claims regarding “gender fluidity”, I was appalled. When it reached medical schools and I heard we were training doctors to believe and practice blatant lies, I was relieved to join this organization and help out.

I’m glad to see someone is bringing attention to this matter. (gender ideology)

Very excited to have found you. So many of us don’t know where to go in the fight against this. At a time when the news of this insanity is becoming increasingly overwhelming, you are an outlet sorely needed. I’ll do my best to spread the word of you.