Students: Help Stop Discriminatory Scholarships

Medical school is expensive. That’s why you probably applied for scholarships.

But some universities are blocking certain students from specific scholarships.

Why? Because some students don’t have the right skin color.

That’s right. Sometimes referred to as “underrepresented in medicine” scholarships, these opportunities are often limited to students of particular races. 

We believe these types of scholarships violate federal law and the U.S. Constitution because they discriminate on the basis of race. 

Do No Harm has filed a series of formal complaints with the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights, and more discriminatory scholarships are coming to our attention every day.

Thinking back to your own situation, would you have applied for medical school scholarships if they had not been limited on the basis of race? If the discriminatory criteria hadn’t been there, would you have put in an application?

If so, let us know your story – securely and anonymously.

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