Do No Harm Comments on Arizona Governor’s Veto of the Detransitioner Bill of Rights

Gov. Katie Hobbs has vetoed Arizona’s proposed Detransitioner Bill of Rights – a policy that aims to help young people hurt by a growing industry of medical practitioners and insurers that fund and perform gender transition surgeries on minors.

Mounting research suggests that so-called “gender affirming care” is harmful to children’s physical and mental health, with adverse health outcomes that threaten their wellbeing for the long term. To address this, a bipartisan group of leaders on the ground in Arizona sought recourse on behalf of these children and their families, many of whom are adults living with the adverse impacts of these ill-advised procedures being performed as children.

Chloe Cole, a victim and advocate on behalf of other gender-transitioned children and their families seeking accountability, responded to Gov. Hobbs’s veto:

“I have experienced first-hand the destruction that the gender transitioning industry can wreck on children. Our kids deserve to know that the same industry that abused them will be required to help them rebuild and restore their bodies. Clearly, Gov. Hobbs has a different agenda. Not only does her veto signal complete disregard for the children who have been preyed upon by this industry, but she also reveals her tacit support for the reputation Arizona is gaining as the nation’s emerging hub for the mutilation of minors. That may be a badge Gov. Hobbs is proud to wear, but I am confident that the vast majority of Arizonians will be deeply ashamed, as I am today.”

You can learn more about the Detransitioner Bill of Rights here: