Detransitioner Bill Of Rights

It’s Time We Protect The Rights of Detransitioners

So-called “gender affirming care” can inflict dangerous and irreversible harm on children. 

Which is why, as part of our Protecting Minors from Gender Ideology initiative, Do No Harm is committed to supporting the rights of those who choose to detransition by advancing the Detransitioner Bill of Rights

The Detransitioner Bill of Rights advocates for five core rights for detransitioners: 

  • Informed consent
  • Effective care
  • Insurance coverage
  • Legal restoration
  • Justice

“Because of Do No Harm, millions of people have heard about the harm that is now being done to kids by woke doctors. As someone who is still going through the painful detransitioning process at age 19, I believe this bill can truly save lives. It may even help restore sanity in our culture.”

Chloe Cole, Do No Harm patient advocate

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