About Us

Do No Harm represents physicians, nurses, medical students, patients, and policymakers focused on keeping identity politics out of medical education, research, and clinical practice. 

We believe in making healthcare better for all – not undermining it in pursuit of a political agenda. Do No Harm seeks to highlight and counteract divisive trends in medicine, such as “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion” and youth-focused gender ideology.

We hope you become a member of Do No Harm and make further phenomenal progress possible. Hear more about our mission from our chairman, Dr. Stanley Goldfarb:

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Kudos to Mr. Kingsbury for the article in today’s WSJ [Israel Takes the E Out of DEI – March 8, 2024]. It should have been on the front page! As a former Air Force pilot, the last paragraph struck me – and brought home the total depravity of the “equity” ideology that can so easily destroy a nation.

Thank you for all you do. The woke ideology is in the mental healthcare as well. People fall for it because they don’t know that they are being coerced to believe or act in unhealthy ways. People’s world views are being tainted with very unhealthy thoughts & behaviors, sadly. Thanks again!…

To renew our license we now have to have 2 CME hours on “implicit bias.” I have been in practice for 35 years. I treat every patient with respect and dignity. It is insulting to me that they are now telling me I have “implicit bias” because of the pigment of my skin.