Dr. Miriam Grossman

While the United Nations held its largest gathering on gender equality and women’s empowerment, the most important conversations on protecting women were taking place across the street.

On March 13, a standing-room only audience was glued to a panel discussion featuring Miriam Grossman, MD, psychiatrist and a senior fellow at Do No Harm, along with others who are leading the resistance against radical gender ideology.  

Dr. Grossman pulled no punches. She called out the lack of medical evidence for benefits of “gender-affirming care,” and detailed the irreversible damages of breast binding and puberty blockers on adolescent growth, chronic pain, brain development, bone health, sexual function, fertility, and mental health.

“Too many of my medical colleagues have forgotten that the body has its own wisdom. Puberty is a natural, organic process, not a disorder. We cannot assume, as “gender-affirming care” does, that it can be turned on and off synthetically, without paying a price.”

She called out the United Nations as complicit in the advance of radical gender ideology, despite the costs and confusion it brings to real children and families:

“It’s deeply troubling that our children are taught—and the UN pressures the developing world to teach—that sex is ‘assigned’ at birth, as if it’s a random decision that might very well be incorrect. Students are told their identity is completely independent from the physical reality of their bodies. They are led to believe that if a boy feels like a girl—whatever that means—then he IS a girl.”

She concluded her remarks with a scathing rebuke of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) for its shameless promotion of medical experimentation on children—and its complete disregard for ethics, evidence, and informed consent.

“WPATH launders its extreme views through medical organizations. It’s a sinking ship, and it will take others down with it.”

We’d like to thank the Heritage Foundation for inviting us to participate on the panel, and to thank the Conference on the State of Women and Family for doing what the United Nations failed to do: give a platform to the healthcare professionals who are fighting to protect vulnerable young girls from the social contagion of gender incongruence.

You’ll continue to find Do No Harm on the front lines of this battle to keep political ideology out of medicine for good.

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