Dr. James Lally

Dr. James Lally is a Do No Harm member in Florida.

Do No Harm is delighted when one of our members publicly pushes back on the false narrative that racism and bias are widespread and pervasive in medicine. Which is why we were pleased to see a recent Letter to the Editor penned by Dr. James Lally, a Do No Harm member in Naples, Florida.

It reads:

The recent article in the Naples Daily News from the Center for Public Integrity that contends: “documented and widespread biases and racism contributing to disparate health outcomes for certain populations” is a seriously flawed and cynical attempt to infect medicine with the unwarranted charge of systemic racism. Just one example shows how controversial data has been cherry-picked. The authors reference the landmark study from the Institute of Medicine, Unequal Medicine, and report that: “bias, stereotyping and prejudice could be playing a contributing role.” A role in disparate health care outcomes. A close reading of that extensive report in the summary of part 4 has quite a different statement: “In summary, the committee found no direct evidence that racism, bias, or prejudice among health care professionals affects the quality of care for minority patients.” Do No Harm is an advocacy group of health care professionals that seeks to treat patients with dignity without the cloud of racism and prejudice marring that encounter. In their mission statement they aim to: “protect patients, physicians, and health care itself from radical, divisive ideology.”

We thank Dr. Lally for his support, and for highlighting the facts surrounding the oft-repeated narrative related to so-called “implicit bias” in healthcare.

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