Physician Guest Post: I Didn’t Take A Job – Because of Mandatory Woke Training

A North Carolina doctor reached out to us with this story – a story that should both worry fellow physicians and inspire them to action. We are keeping the doctor’s identity anonymous for the sake of the individual’s protection.

One of the things I love about medicine is its collaborative nature. That’s why I applied for hospital privileges as an adjunct clinical faculty member at my local medical school. I wanted to help train the next generation of physicians, using my years of experience in medical practice to guide others in our life-saving work.

But it wasn’t to be. I ended up refusing the position – because I would have been forced to take radical woke training.

After I applied, I was quickly accepted and then directed to the orientation process. The very first training I was told I had to take was, you guessed it, about “diversity, equity, and inclusion.” I looked through the materials, and it was clear that a political agenda was being shoved down my throat. It was obsessed with race and skin color – not medical care and patient well-being.

That’s bad enough, but the fact that it was literally the first training is even worse, to my mind. My local medical school is sending a dangerous message to faculty: You’re here to be a political activist first, and a physician second. I can’t think of anything more inappropriate in the medical field. And that mindset will infect everything medical students learn and ultimately do as physicians. The quality of care will suffer if medical training focuses on anything other than treating patients.

I refuse to be a part of this. Within minutes of receiving the training, I decided to turn down hospital privileges. I emailed the Department Chair about my decision and gave my reasons. Weeks later, I have yet to hear a response.

Health care leaders may be silent and complicit, but I won’t be. And I hope my fellow physicians will speak out, too. The only way to stop the woke takeover of medicine is to stand up and say “not me.” If enough of us fight back, we have a chance to win the war for the heart of health care. Our patients are counting on us to stop this woke onslaught before it’s unstoppable.

Have you been forced to take woke training, or even refused to do so? Please let us know – securely and anonymously.