Do No Harm Podcast

Season Two

In Season Two of the Do No Harm Podcast, Dr. Marilyn Singleton and Do No Harm Founder and Chairman Dr. Stanley Goldfarb connect with key voices working to create a better healthcare system for all—one that’s based on medicine, not division. Listen in via Apple Podcasts, YouTube, Spotify, or Amazon Music.

Latest Episode
S2 SPECIAL INTERVIEW: Yascha Mounk on Escaping the “Identity Trap”

DNH S2 SPECIAL: In this special episode of the Do No Harm podcast, scholar Yascha Mounk explains the origins of identity politics, how it undermines free societies, and how we can fight back.

S2E1: Discussing So-Called “Gender-Affirming Care” With Dr. Elliot Kaminetzky
Dr. Elliot Kaminetzky specializes in Parenting-based interventions for mood and behavioral challenges in children. He joins the Do No Harm Podcast to speak out against unethical practices in the area of pediatric gender medicine and the silencing of concerned medical and mental health professionals. 
S2E2: The Silencing of Nurses Who Challenge DEI with Laura Morgan
Dr. Singleton and Laura are joined by three other nurses on the front lines of medicine who are speaking out against the forced exodus of medical professionals who want to focus on patient care, not social justice initiatives.
S2E3: David L. Bernstein on the Rise of Antisemitism out of Toxic DEI
David L. Bernstein speaks on how the rise of antisemitism has been carefully baked into the very foundation of universities for the past decade via toxic DEI initiatives that have prevented free thought and active debates.
S2E4: Dr. Kris Kaliebe and the Plea for Scholarly Dialogue Concerning So-called “Gender-affirming Care.”
Dr. Kris Kaliebe joins the Do No Harm Podcast to discuss the plea for scholarly dialogue concerning so-called “gender affirming care” for youth.
S2E5: Dr. Roy Eappen on How “Gender-Affirming” Care is Hurting American Children
Dr. Roy Eappen wants to know why America is moving in the wrong direction and ignoring the science on so-called “gender-affirming care” for minors.
S2E6: Lindsay Bednar, the Mom Who Took on the Local School Board over DEI Initiatives and Won
Lindsay Bednar is a former teacher and a mom of two young students. When DEI initiatives began overstepping boundaries and breaking trust with parents, Lindsay knew she had to speak up.
S2E7: Dr. Sheldon Rubenfeld on how Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Policies Breed Antisemitism in Medicine
Dr. Sheldon Rubenfeld discusses how he bravely confronting what most of his colleagues refuse to admit: That diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) policies breed antisemitism in medicine.
S2E8: Dr. Tabia Lee on being fired from a college for being the “wrong kind of black woman”
Dr. Tabia Lee describes how she was fired from her tenure-track position for trying to create an inclusive environment for everyone. She’s now an advocate for removing toxic DEI initiatives from higher education.
S2E9: Dr. Sheila Nazarian on Escaping Iran and the Rise of Antisemitism in Medicine
Dr. Nazarian talks about fleeing Iran at a young age and warns others of the dangers of the DEI agenda and its connection to antisemitism.
S2E10: Rep. Ben Baker on Pushing Back Against DEI in Missouri’s Publicly Funded Colleges and Universities
Rep. Ben Baker speaks up on behalf of concerned students, professors, and patients as a sponsor of the “Do No Harm Act,” a bill that would fight back against toxic DEI in Missouri’s publicly funded higher education institutions.
S2E11: Drs. Lauren Schwartz and Miriam Grossman on challenging the American Psychiatric Association’s new manifesto on gender ideology
Two respected psychiatrists who work with transgender-identified youths are calling out the American Psychiatric Association’s latest guidance on gender ideology for what it is: a political manifesto dressed up as science.
S2E12: Rep. Ron Bryce on Working to Ban Abusive Gender Transitions for Children
Kansas lawmaker and physician Rep. Ron Bryce shares a simple and powerful message: gender transitions for children are child abuse. 

Season One

Season One of the Do No Harm Podcast was hosted by Do No Harm Founder and Chairman Dr. Stanley Goldfarb and Senior Fellow Benita Cotton-Orr. Together, they dug deep into how our healthcare system got where it is now, why Do No Harm was founded, and our efforts to protect patients, physicians, and healthcare itself from the practice of medicine based on discriminatory and divisive ideologies. Find the full first season on YouTube.

S1E1: Medical Schools as Institutions
In this inaugural episode, Dr. Stanley Goldfarb joins Benita Cotton-Orr to share his personal journey from practitioner to educator.
S1E2: Politics in Medicine
In our second episode, Benita Cotton-Orr and Dr. Stanley Goldfarb discuss when—and how—politics became such a big part of medicine.
S1E3: Medical Students and Woke Medicine
Benita and Dr. Stan discuss how we can help medical students recognize, understand, and push back against the woke pedagogy that has infiltrated our medical schools.
S1E4: The Hippocratic Oath
Dr. Stanley Goldfarb explains the history of the Hippocratic Oath, its focus on treating patients – no matter who they are – the same, and how it is the foundation of Do No Harm’s work.
S1E5: Does Trust in Medical Research Still Exist?
Dr. Stanley Goldfarb and Senior Fellow Benita Cotton-Orr discuss how, when studies are corrupted to support a certain predisposed outcome or political ideology, trust in the quality and accuracy of research at large wanes.
S1E6: Academic Journals and the Infusion of Censorship, Bias, and Bad Research
Dr. Stanley Goldfarb and Senior Fellow Benita Cotton-Orr expose how medical journals are excluding research that doesn’t align with diversity, equity, and inclusion – representing a massive intrusion of racial issues into objective science.
S1E7: The Healthcare System’s Two Paths
Dr. Stanley Goldfarb and Dr. Benita Cotton-Orr examine the two paths that our healthcare system can take as we move ahead to the future, including considerations for access and how improving access leads to better outcomes. 
S1E8: Standing Up Against Woke Ideology
Dr. Stanley Goldfarb and Benita Cotton-Orr share best practices for standing up against the woke ideology that is infiltrating health care.
S1E9: Standing Up Against Woke Ideology
Dr. Stanley Goldfarb and Benita Cotton-Orr discuss the role of government in implementing a woke approach in healthcare.
S1E10: Optimal Outcomes vs The Equality Approach
Dr. Stanley Goldfarb and Benita Cotton-Orr discuss how we should refocus the health care reform conversation on improving outcomes for all patients rather than the current race-based approach to treatment.
S1E11: Pushing Back Implicit Bias Training With Professionalism
Dr. Stanley Goldfarb explains the false premises behind Implicit Bias Training and details Do No Harm’s efforts in the states and Washington, D.C. to educate policymakers and leaders that this “training” should not be the basis for continuing medical education.
S1E12: The Dangerous Influence of the Anti-Racism Movement on Society
Dr. Stanley Goldfarb and Benita Cotton-Orr discuss how the woke movement towards anti-Racism has transformed how Americans view one another, shifting from a perspective of opportunity to one of oppression.