An Ohio Nurse Tells His Story

Do No Harm was recently contacted by Clete Weigel, a nurse in Kent, Ohio. He told us his powerful yet painful story of standing up to his hospital after it went woke. We’re glad to share Clete’s story below. Hopefully it will inspire more medical professionals to speak out.

We are all the victims of a new view of “justice” that has infected our culture. This is my story, and it may soon be yours.

In February 2023 the Diversity Director at Summa Health published a blog announcing that our hospital would implement implicit bias training “to reduce health disparities.”

Her blog invited a response. So, I submitted comments citing statistical and observational data about the reality of health disparities, questioning the underlying reasoning in the director’s blog. I then asked questions which challenged the efficacy of implicit bias training.

My blog was never posted. It was not seen by the workforce, other than leadership, yet it resulted in my receiving a written discipline. I was summoned to a meeting where I was asked whether I understood the blog would be seen by the entire workforce. I replied that I was aware, and that I hoped to provide alternative points of view that others could read. But apparently that had never happened; no one had seen the blog or said anything about it.

Even so, my discipline would require two implicit bias trainings. Apparently, one training would not be enough to expunge my ostensibly radical ideas!

I resigned rather than participate in training that compels me to view myself as a member of an identity group. I am an autonomous individual. I submitted my resignation giving more than the required 4 weeks’ notice. Later that evening I received a call from my supervisor. She asked me whether the reason I had given for my resignation was “the way I wanted to frame it.”  

I replied that I wasn’t trying to “frame” anything. My reason for leaving was simple: “Summa’s commitments no longer align with my deeply held personal convictions.” My employment and interactions were guided by my Christian faith. I had even received Summa’s prestigious “Caring Award” for my work with patients.

Yet my stated reason prompted my supervisor to say, “Well then, today was your last day of work.” I was given 4 weeks’ severance pay.

In the wake of this fiasco, I began wondering: What changed? After all, I hadn’t changed over 37 years. But Summa Health had changed.

During my disciplinary session, I reviewed a few of my arguments refuting the implicit bias training. The HR representative cut in, “Leadership has chosen to go in this direction.” These words elucidate the source of the problem. Hospital leaders have chosen to make operational decisions based upon ideology. Logic and arguments do not matter; the ideology does. Everything becomes secondary when ideology rules. That includes evidence-based medicine, valuing employees, science, discernment, the exchange of ideas, and yes, common-sense.

Clete Weigel, RN

Medicine will not be served by this ideology. Patients will be harmed by a world view that prefers narratives over science and identity groups over individuals. In the end, individual care will suffer as implicit bias training increases suspicion, discourse devolves, and patients are neglected.

Ironically, the ideology that purports to bring equity enslaves everyone to its impoverished view of humanity. Because of this, it cannot last. As more of us speak out, the truth will be known. Please share your story, like me, and help Do No Harm restore sanity to health care.

Do No Harm is grateful to Clete for his courage. If you know of a nurse or doctor who has been similarly punished for daring to question woke ideology, please let us know – securely and anonymously.