Do No Harm Unveils Groundbreaking Detransitioner Bill of Rights

Model legislation extends ethical care and rights to children harmed by experimental sex change procedures

Richmond, VA Do No Harm, a prominent national nonprofit committed to safeguarding healthcare from radical and divisive ideology, published the first-of-its-kind Detransitioner Bill of Rights.  This pioneering model legislation is designed to provide support and justice to those who have been abandoned by the medical community when seeking to detransition from harmful and experimental sex change treatments they received as children. 

“The Detransitioner Bill of Rights represents a crucial step in protecting the rights and well-being of children who have been subjected to experimental sex change treatments,” said Dr. Stanley Goldfarb, Do No Harm Chairman. “Medical professionals should publicly acknowledge the plight of detransitioners and research ways to help and support those who regret undergoing these procedures.”

CLICK HERE to read the full text of the Detransitioner Bill of Rights.

The Detransitioner Bill of Rights is a comprehensive piece of legislation that advocates for six fundamental rights for detransitioners, addressing critical issues that currently lack adequate legal protection:

  • Right to Informed Consent
  • Right to Effective Care
  • Right to Public Transparency
  • Right to Insurance Coverage
  • Right to Legal Restoration
  • Right to Justice

“We cannot remain passive while the well-being and rights of children are at risk,” said Do No Harm Executive Director Kristina Rasmussen. “The Detransitioner Bill of Rights is a significant step toward helping young people who’ve been funneled toward treatments that can lead to life-long suffering.”

Do No Harm is making the nonpartisan model legislation available to all, including state and federal policymakers, thereby reinforcing the protection of patient rights and upholding ethical healthcare practices. The organization encourages everyone to join their mission in supporting the Detransitioner Bill of Rights, striving for its broadest and most enduring impact.

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