Do No Harm Challenges Vituity’s (CEP AMERICA LLC.) Racially Discriminatory Leadership Program

Pensacola, FL – Do No Harm, a prominent national nonprofit committed to safeguarding healthcare from radical and divisive ideology, filed a lawsuit against the unlawful and discriminatory leadership program offered by Vituity in which there are leadership incentives exclusively for one race.  

Vituity, a medical staffing agency, proudly promoted the “Bridge to Brilliance Incentive Program” which is solely offered to black physicians along with a sign-on bonus of up to $100,000. This program is a direct violation of numerous federal laws, including the Affordable Care Act, section 1557 which prohibits racial discrimination in “any health program or activity, any part of which is receiving federal assistance.”  

“Black patients want the best doctors and the best medical care – not doctors that are racially concordant. Vituity’s Bridge to Brilliance Program, which offers physicians hiring opportunities and sign on bonuses on the basis of race is abhorrent and rightfully illegal. Medical staffing agencies like Vituity are given the important responsibility of offering medical positions to the most qualified medical professionals. Like all aspects of healthcare, patient safety and patient concerns should be primary, not the skin color or the racial makeup of their physician. Medical professionals should be hired on merit alone.” Dr. Stanley Goldfarb, board chair of Do No Harm.   

Do No Harm is asking the Court to enter judgment in its favor against Vituity by: 

  1. Providing a declaratory judgment that Vituity’s “Bridge to Brilliance” incentive program violates section 1981 and the ACA;  
  2. Issuing a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction barring Vituity from closing the application period, selecting and offering applicants positions within in the program, or enforcing racially discriminatory criteria before the lawsuit is resolved;  
  3. Issuing a permanent injunction barring Vituity from enforcing its racially discriminatory eligibility criteria for the program.  

The case is Do No Harm v Vituity (CEP America LLC.) and was filed in The United States District Court for the Northern District of Florida Pensacola Division. Find additional information here: Do No Harm v. Vituity 


Do No Harm, established in April 2022, has rapidly gained recognition and made significant strides in its mission to safeguard healthcare from ideological threats. With more than 5,000 members, including doctors, nurses, physicians, and concerned citizens across all 50 states and in 14 countries, DNH has achieved more than 4,900 media hits in top-tier publications and garnered widespread attention through numerous broadcast news appearances.