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If left unchecked, the consequences of the woke politicization of medicine will be disastrous: discriminatory care, patient suffering, a mass exodus of qualified practitioners from the profession, and a significant decrease in medical innovation. 

That’s why our work is so important. We are winning and influencers are taking notice. But there is much left to do. 

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Thank you for all you do. The woke ideology is in the mental healthcare as well. People fall for it because they don’t know that they are being coerced to believe or act in unhealthy ways. People’s world views are being tainted with very unhealthy thoughts & behaviors, sadly. Thanks again!

To renew our license we now have to have 2 CME hours on “implicit bias.” I have been in practice for 35 years. I treat every patient with respect and dignity. It is insulting to me that they are now telling me I have “implicit bias” because of the pigment of my skin.

Do No Harm is a strategically deployed movement engaging toxic race and gender ideology where it is doing great harm — in our academic medical establishment. Its talented team gets results attacking DEI through the legal system and through public outreach. Do No Harm deserves our generous support.