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EXCLUSIVE: Anti-Woke Medical Group Calls Out Five Med Schools That Allegedly Have ‘Racist Scholarships Requirements’

  • June 23, 2022

An anti-woke medical group plans to file five civil complaints against universities in Ohio and Indiana for alleged “racist scholarship requirements” in medical programs, according to complaints obtained exclusively by the Daily Caller. Do No Harm claims that five medical schools offer scholarship programs that “explicitly take individuals based on…


Opinion: Why it’s dangerous for Michigan to assume I’m biased against my patients

  • June 9, 2022

Why is Michigan trying to destroy the doctor-patient relationship with identity politics? That’s my question as a recently retired doctor who spent 30 years helping Michigan patients through my practice in Toledo, Ohio. I am profoundly offended by the state’s new mandate that I and every other medical professional take…

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Doctor who chairs woke ‘antiracist’ organization accuses five medical schools of unfairly discriminating against WHITE applicants by only offering scholarships for minorities

  • June 3, 2022

A physician who serves as chair of a woke antiracist organization is alleging that some U.S. medical schools are actively discriminating against white students. Dr. Stanley Goldfarb filed complaints to the United States Department of Education Office for Civil Rights alleging that five schools are in breach of Title VI of…

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Complaint Alleges Racial Discrimination at OU

  • June 3, 2022

A newly filed federal civil-rights complaint accuses the University of Oklahoma of imposing illegal racial discrimination through its practice of offering medical scholarships to students based on race. The civil-rights complaint was filed on June 1 with the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights by the organization Do No…


Different Outcomes, Not Different Treatment

  • June 1, 2022

The political distortion of medical research has a sordid history, but it’s unfortunately not just a thing of the past. Today, a popular narrative has taken hold that a racist medical establishment is the reason that blacks have shorter life expectancies, worse clinical outcomes for many diseases, and even excess…

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EXCLUSIVE: Anti-Woke Billboards Plan To Drive Past Harvard Medical School Graduation

  • May 25, 2022

An organization dedicated to anti-woke health care is set to drive trucks with anti-woke slogans around Harvard University’s campus and the university’s top teaching hospital ahead of medical school graduation, the Daily Caller learned exclusively. Do No Harm, an anti-woke health care organization, will drive trucks around Harvard’s campus…


Critical race theory is being injected into medicine and as a doctor it alarms me

  • May 24, 2022

I will not be renewing my medical license in Massachusetts. Last month, I received an email from the state Board of Registration in Medicine informing me that to maintain my license, I must “complete a continuing medical education requirement” on “implicit bias in healthcare.”  Massachusetts has long been a center…

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Doctor Reveals How Woke Health Care Providers Affect You

  • May 13, 2022

Woke activists have infiltrated nearly every institution of American life. From academia to Hollywood, the radical left has successfully marched its way to power. Most dangerously, the left has infiltrated an institution where people’s very lives are at stake: health care. Woke health care “just goes against medical ethics,” Dr.


The Hostile Ideological Takeover of Medicine

  • May 5, 2022

These let­ters prove that a rad­i­cal, di­vi­sive and dis­crim­i­na­tory ide­ol­ogy has captured the com­mand­ing heights of the med­ical pro­fes­sion. But Amer­i­cans don’t want this in health­care any­more than they do in pub­lic safety or ed­u­ca­tion, and physi­cians will suf­fer if they are force-fed such ex­trem­ism. Let’s call this what it…


Tell Your Doctor Your Symptoms, Not Your Race

  • May 4, 2022

“I’ve never had a patient ask about my race in my 24 years of practicing medicine. But the Biden administration wants me to fixate on the race of my patients. The Health and Human Services Department’s so-called antiracism plan attempts to inject identity politics into the doctor-patient relationship. This policy…