Medical colleges group’s new curriculum addresses ‘racism, hate, and bias in health care’

‘We believe this topic deserves just as much attention from learners and educators at every stage of their careers as the latest scientific breakthroughs’

The Association of American Medical Colleges recently released Diversity, Equity and Inclusion competencies for medical educators as it works to address what it calls “factors that drive racism, hate, and bias in health care.”

The DEI competencies are meant to be used to help scholars and students progress on their “DEI journeys,” the association states. But some critics contend the new curriculum advances progressive ideologies.

“The AAMC is injecting political ideology into medical education and this can only detract from the real purpose of educating physicians to care for ill patients,” Dr. Stanley Goldfarb, chairman of Do No Harm, told The College Fix in an email August 1.

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