Lawsuit claims fellowship for minorities is illegal for banning White applicants: ‘Blatant discrimination’

EXCLUSIVE — Nonprofit organization Do No Harm filed a lawsuit on Tuesday against Health Affairs and Project Hope, claiming a fellowship for minorities is illegal because of “blatant discrimination” against White applicants. 

The complaint, filed in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, alleges that Health Affairs, a prominent health policy journal and its parent company Project Hope are “running a race-segregated health journal fellowship” called Health Equity Fellowship for Trainees. 

Do No Harm chairman Dr. Stanley Goldfarb said his organization is “opposed to discrimination in all of its manifestations,” including a fellowship program solely for non-White applicants.

“To propose a fellowship program whose key requirement is skin color is blatant discrimination. If the goal is to promote students with less opportunity, then promote such students without racial stipulations. We have civil rights laws in this nation to prevent this sort of racialism and this lawsuit helps promote those laws,” Dr. Goldfarb told Fox News Digital. 

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