13 State AGs Demand Garland Not Use DOJ to ‘Investigate and Prosecute’ Speech Critical of ‘Gender-Affirming Treatments’

“You cannot and should not undertake such investigations or prosecutions,” 13 state attorneys general warn U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland in a letter demanding that he not comply with censorship demands from three medical associations supporting “gender-affirming” treatments for children.

As CNSNews.com reported earlier this month, a joint letter from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), American Medical Association (AMA), and Children’s Hospital Association (CHA) asked Garland to take “swift action to investigate and prosecute” anyone, on social media or elsewhere, who speaks out against gender-transition treatments.

The medical associations’ letter calls on the Justice Department to “investigate and prosecute” all those who voice what, in the medical groups’ opinion, is “disinformation” and “false and misleading” information dissenting with their support for “gender-affirming” treatments for “children and minors” – because criticism and dissent provoke violence.

But, as the 13 attorneys’ general note in their letter to Garland, harsh characterizations of gender transition treatments may be inflammatory – but, as legal precedent affirms, they are unequivocally protected by the First Amendment:

“No doubt the medical associations object to the characterization of double mastectomies for minors as ‘mutilation’ or ‘cutting healthy breasts off teen girls,’ or of hormonal treatments as ‘chemical castration.’

“These descriptors may inflame and provoke. They are also entirely protected by the First Amendment.”


“The medical establishment asks you to forcibly eliminate criticism of the treatment regime for gender dysphoric minors…it appears they would rather silence critics than debate them.”

“Growing concerns about the current treatment of pediatric gender dysphoria make a free and open dialogue urgently necessary,” the AGs tell Garland. “Nothing matters more than protecting our children,” the letter says.

“The answer to disagreement is never the criminalization of speech,” the letter says, calling on Attorney General Garland to “stand down” and allow public debate:

“We respectfully demand that you stand down and allow the national conversation to continue. Now
is a time for more speech, not less.”

“We are slipping into a dangerous orthodoxy where dissent is pushed further and further to the margins,” the lead AG signing the letter to Garland, Tennessee Attorney General Jonathan Skrmetti, told Fox News, in response to the associations’ letter.

“A free society cannot tolerate trusted professionals calling on law enforcement and big tech to suppress criticism,” Skrmetti said.

Stanley Goldfarb, chairman of medical watchdog Do No Harm, agrees with Skrmetti, especially since the medical associations are pushing a divisive ideology in order to railroad minors into “a predetermined path of drugs and surgery” that “could, literally, ruin children’s lives.”

“The AMA demands that we follow their lead without question, yet these are the same forces who falsely equate psychological counseling for children to ‘conversion therapy’ in order to railroad minors into a predetermined path of drugs and surgery,” Goldfarb told Fox News.

“The better path is to listen to these state attorneys general and let this conversation continue nationwide,” Goldfarb concluded.

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