Meet the Left-Wing Health Group Citing the Boy Scouts of America To Justify Excluding Whites From a Prestigious Fellowship

In 1990, the Boy Scouts of America fired James Dale, a gay rights activist and assistant scoutmaster, after he came out out of the closet, citing the group’s longstanding opposition to homosexuality. Dale sued the Scouts under New Jersey’s civil rights law, which banned discrimination based on sexual orientation. But when the Supreme Court heard the case, Boy Scouts of America v. Dale, in 2000, it ruled that the Scouts had a First Amendment right to discriminate.

In a 5-4 opinion that has never been overturned, Chief Justice William Rehnquist drew a link between exclusion and free expression. The Scouts had a viewpoint—homosexual conduct is wrong—that they were trying to impart to their members, he said; an openly gay scoutmaster would send the opposite message, which meant forcing the group to rehire Dale would violate its freedom of speech.

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