‘Dangerous Trend’: Medical Schools Are Ditching Standardized Tests In The Name of ‘Diversity’

  • Medical schools are continuing to drop Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) requirements in favor of alternative routes available to prospective applicants, experts told the Daily Caller News Foundation.
  • Dropping the MCAT in favor of holistic admission practices may negatively impact the medical profession by “eliminating” a “standard for schools to consider when admitting students who demonstrate the aptitude to be good doctors,” Laura Morgan, Do No Harm program manager, told the DCNF.
  • “It’s not adequate because it is subjective, as opposed to standardized tests which are objective metrics,” she explained.

    A developing medical school trend to ditch the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) requirement may not bode well for the future of the profession, medical watchdog group Do No Harm told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

    Approximately 40 medical schools across the country have dropped the MCAT, a multiple choice exam that determines an individual’s ability to problem solve, think critically, and understand concepts about medical study, as a requirement for some applying students, according to a list compiled by Inspira Advantage. Do No Harm alleged that dropping the requirement is another way schools aim to bolster diversity on campus but asserted that it is a “dangerous trend,” according to its analysis.

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