Culture War | Fighting Against Opinion Based Medicine

Moms on a Mission welcomes Dr. Stanley Goldfarb who started an organization called, “Do No Harm” in April of 2022 after he wrote an article in the Wall Street Journal called, “Take Two Aspirin and Call Me By My Pronouns”. He shares that medical education was starting to take a turn at that point and he was seeing more and more focus around the country on social issues rather than on producing the best physicians who have the most knowledge about caring for sick people which is the role of physicians. He continues to say that he was noticing that the effort was made to create more of a diverse medical school class and there was sacrifice to the merit of the students in favor of making sure their skin color was of a great variety when they took a class picture.

After the article, he wrote a book with the same title expounding on these very ideas. He explains that he later felt that he needed to do more so he started an organization called, “Do No Harm”, which has been successful in producing lawsuits against people risking the quality of American medicine and producing discriminatory activities. “Do No Harm” has helped get laws passed in 20 states regarding “gender affirming care” along with “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” activities in several states. They have 5000 members now! Dr. Goldfarb has been canceled because of his activities and when you go to the University of Pennsylvania website, his name is gone even though his name is on the books as an Emeritus Professor of Medicine and was the co-director of the Kidney Division. His name has been removed from the history of that website.

Dr. Goldfarb shares that the grave concern and difficulty with fighting this is that in the face of this opinion based medicine, there has been a solid front of academic medical societies in the United States.

Join “Do No Harm” and support them with prayer, reading their newsletters, and financially if you feel so led. None of the members are making any money.