Class at Washington University in St. Louis claims nutrition is racist, urges students to promote puberty blockers despite new Missouri law

Washington University School of Medicine in St Louis is pushing the idea that nutrition is somehow racist, and is still advocating for cross-sex hormones despite a new Missouri law banning them for children.

That’s according to a Sunday Fox News story that reports “Powerpoint presentation slides obtained by Fox News Digital show the school urging students in August to advocate for cross-sex hormones despite acknowledging the lack of evidence on its neural impact and admitting its effect on neural (circuitry) is ‘unknown.’”

Meanwhile, the report says a slide from the medical school’s Health Equity and Justice class this summer claims nutrition advice is steeped in racism because an early researcher “found out exactly what it took to keep the human body alive by starving native children to death.”

Moreover, the presentation seems to blame all white people.

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