Top med school promoting curriculum that Body Mass Index is steeped in racism, promotes puberty blockers

FIRST ON FOX: The Washington University School of Medicine in St Louis, Missouri offered a summer course titled “Health Equity and Justice,” which a medical and political advocacy group tells Fox News Digital is coupled with a controversial “Care of Transgender Patients” curriculum that promotes an “alarming” progressive gender agenda.

Powerpoint presentation slides obtained by Fox News Digital show the school urging students in August to advocate for cross-sex hormones despite acknowledging the lack of evidence on its neural impact and admitting its effect on neural circuity is “unknown.”

In another slide discussing “health equity”, a course claims that nutrition is tainted by racism. The slide contains a TikTok video explaining that the white doctor who first determined how many calories a day are needed in order to survive, Dr. Lionel Bradley Pett, “found out exactly what it took to keep the human body alive by starving native children to death.”

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