Doctors should practice ‘anti-racist documentation,’ paper argues

‘The New England Journal of Medicine is the world’s leading health journal. It’s troubling that they indulge woke activists at the expense of common sense and scientific rigor,’ anti-woke group says

A Georgetown University doctor has produced a paper recommending changes to medicine that would make it a more “anti-racist institution.”

Dr. J. Corey Willams, a graduate of Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and the Yale University Psychiatry Residency Program, says that “Clinicians receive inconsistent instruction on how to use patients’ racial identities in clinical documentation and decision making, and often document this information without clear reasons or an understanding of its relevance.”

“Routine documentation of racial categories is rooted in the mythology of inherent biological differences between racial groups, especially between Black and non-Hispanic White people,” he wrote in the New England Journal of Medicine paper. He had eight other co-authors.

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