EXCLUSIVE: Here’s a Look at How Reporters Push Transgender Ideology

FIRST ON THE DAILY SIGNAL: Local media outlets have come under fire in recent years for buying into activists’ framing and talking points on so-called gender-affirming care — attempted transgender sex-change operations, hormonal interventions, and social affirmations, even for minors.

Emails obtained by the organization Do No Harm, an organization which combats gender ideology in the medical profession, provide a look at how that type of story is crafted. Do No Harm obtained a June 15 exchange between Capital Times reporter Erin McGroarty, who specializes in “investigating disinformation” for the newspaper in Madison, Wisconsin, and Sara Benzel, media manager at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Health, a medical organization that offers “gender-affirming care” for children.

McGroarty, who did not personally respond to requests for comment, asked for information to “counter” the messaging put out by the pro-family organization Wisconsin Family Action. That messaging highlighted the dangers of administering cross-sex hormones to young people and condemned a Dane County, Wisconsin, resolution to declare itself a “sanctuary county” for individuals who identify as transgender.

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