Ohio State University course asks student to address ‘whiteness’

The Ohio State University students who have signed up for a health sciences course are required to address their white, heterosexual or able-bodied privileges, documents have revealed. The course titled ‘Individual Differences in Patient/Client Populations’ is offered through the university’s School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences.

Do No Harm, a group of physicians, healthcare professionals, medical students, patients and policymakers who aim to ‘protect healthcare from a radical, divisive, and discriminatory ideology’ obtained course details through a Freedom of Information Act request. In the documents, reviewed by Fox News , one assignment in the course titled ‘Unpack the Invisible Knapsack’ asked students to complete a series of activities about privilege. Three options were provided to students as per the document obtained by Do No Harm that allowed students to select from the ‘white privilege knapsack,’ the ‘heterosexual privilege knapsack’ and the ‘able-body privilege knapsack.’

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