Medical activists ‘cherry-pick’ research to justify racialized healthcare: Study

The data justifying “racial concordance,” the idea that patients will receive better care from doctors of their own race, have been “cherry-picked” to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in medicine, according to a new study.

The theory of “racial concordance” has become prominent among America’s leading medical schools and organizations, as well as within left-wing political leadership. The theory holds that doctors of certain races are “inherently biased toward members of other races,” the study stated.

Organizations like the American Medical Association, the Association of American Medical Colleges, which represents all accredited U.S. medical schools, and “Top Doctor” search engine Castle Connolly have all heavily pushed the ideology.

However, the supporting data for this idea exist in a relatively small number of studies, with “generally cherry-picked” evidence that is “decisively outweighed by the full body of scientific research,” causing the study’s authors to conclude that “medical research does not support racial concordance.”

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