At Georgetown Med, the Doctors of Tomorrow Aren’t Hiding Their Support for Terrorism

At Georgetown University Medical School, a flurry of social media posts from future medical professionals justifying Hamas’s Oct. 7 massacre is raising a troubling question: Can doctors support terrorism?

An array of Georgetown Med students since the attack have taken to Instagram to praise the “Palestinian resistance” and argue that violence against innocent civilians is “inevitable” given Israel’s “apartheid” and “settler colonialism,” screenshots obtained by the Washington Free Beacon show. One student, Nicole Olakkengil, even urged her classmates who refuse to “stand … with the resistance” to “maybe try entering a different field,” as “medicine is inherently political.” In some cases, those students are already working in Washington, D.C.-area hospitals.

The students’ willingness to justify, defend, and even praise the worst attack against Jews since the Holocaust raises questions as to how those students will treat Jewish patients when they become doctors—and whether doctors can support terrorism while staying within the bounds of medical ethics.

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