Emergency medic association sued for ‘racial discrimination’

Medical advocacy group Do No Harm filed a lawsuit Wednesday against the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians for “engaging in racial discrimination.”

The lawsuit challenges the group’s “diversity scholarship,” which the group says will only “be awarded to students of color,” according to the NAEMT website.

“The National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians is given the important responsibility of training America’s first responders,” DNH Chairman Stanley Goldfarb said in a press release. “Like all aspects of healthcare, training the best and brightest to provide the best care for patients should be the primary concern of all medical organizations, not the skin color of an EMT. First responders and all medical professionals should be given opportunities, training, and scholarships on the basis of merit.”

The lawsuit points out that white applicants would be excluded from consideration for a scholarship, which allocates $1,250 for educational materials.

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