Group calls on Johns Hopkins to eliminate DEI program after post on ‘privilege’ draws harsh criticism: report

A watchdog group is calling on Johns Hopkins Medicine in Baltimore to eliminate its Diversity, Equity and Inclusion program, a week after the program’s leader declared all white people, Christians and men were “privileged,” creating a “toxic culture,” according to reports.

After the post went viral, the school’s chief diversity officer Dr. Sherita H. Golden issued a statement and retracted the message, claiming she did not intend to offend anyone.

The Watchdog group Do No Harm called Golden’s apology “empty,” and demanded the DEI department be eliminated, the New York Post reported.

“Johns Hopkins needs to completely eliminate their DEI department and channel those resources toward the primary objective of preparing the next generation of healthcare professionals to give the highest quality care to all patients,” Do No Harm’s executive director Kristina Rasmussen told The Post. “They have created a toxic culture rooted in a DEI ideology that demonizes and indoctrinates the very students they’re tasked with training to become the next generation of medical professionals.”

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