Do No Harm drops lawsuit against health journal after it scraps ‘discriminatory’ scholarship requirements

EXCLUSIVE — Nonprofit organization Do No Harm voluntarily dropped its lawsuit against Health Affairs, a prominent health policy journal, without prejudice after racial requirements in their Health Equity Fellowship were eliminated. 

Do No Harm Chairman Dr. Stanley Goldfarb, who has said his organization is “opposed to discrimination in all of its manifestations,” complained that Health Affairs ran a “race-segregated health journal fellowship” called Health Equity Fellowship for Trainees. Since his 2022 complaint, Health Affairs scrapped the “racially discriminatory” requirement. 

“We are pleased that Health Affairs has decided to drop its racially discriminatory requirements for their fellowship. Segregation based on race is illegal and Health Affairs has recognized that. Do No Harm will continue to fight divisive and discriminatory ideology healthcare wherever we can find it,” Dr. Goldfarb told Fox News Digital

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