The medical field is being razed by DEI

Medical officials are being trained across the country to hate and exclude certain people. This is detrimental to a practice meant to save all lives. 

Activists are destroying the medical field by reforging it in the fires of identity politics. Medical schools and boards across America are requiring candidates to be intersectional first and medical practitioners second. 

The National Institutes of Health is fueling identity politics in medical schools nationwide. It convinces their leaders to update their recruitment rubrics to prioritize “diversity statements.” It does this by enticing them with large federal grants through its NIH First program. 

The NIH helps these rubrics sneak into public universities throughout blue and red states, regardless of the laws permitting or banning diversity, equity, and inclusion, or DEI, practice. They add points for intersectional commitment and status and dock them for believing everyone is equal. They are often explicit about their “efforts to bring critical race theory to the forefront of society.” 

Unfortunately, the medical battle is going so well for these activists that it is not just occurring in private: It is in legislation deliberation, too. 

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