Disturbing left-wing propaganda infects our medical schools

If there is one area of life you would hope might be off limits to the left-wing insanity ripping through the nation like wildfire, surely it would be the field of medicine. When it comes to your health, politics should not have anything to do with how you’re treated by your doctor.

Yet, a guest speaker, whose lecture was required by all first-year medical students at UCLA as part of their mandatory course on “structural racism,” said a prayer to “the ancestors” and “mama earth.” She went on to criticize private property and accuse “colonizers” of “pimp[ing] and play[ing] mama earth.” She concluded her talk by having the students get on their knees and touch “mama earth” with their fists while she prayed. Then later, according to a report in the Washington Free Beacon, she led the students in chanting, “Free, Free Palestine.”

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