‘Life and death’: House GOP faces mounting pressure to target DEI in medical schools

More than 50 conservative groups are urging the House of Representatives to vote on a bill to block medical schools from weighing diversity as an admissions factor.

“Prioritizing the teaching of the political and social ideology at the heart of DEI, to the exclusion or expense of academic excellence, has life and death consequences for millions of patients,” they argued. “This bill takes a critical first step in reorienting medical education towards its noble, life-saving mission.”

The groups – 52 in total and include Do No Harm, Tea Party Patriots Action, Heritage Action, Physicians for Reform and others – sent a letter this week urging House Education and Workforce Committee Chair Virginia Foxx, R-N.C., to advance the bill through her panel and for Speaker Mike Johnson, R-La., to bring it to the House floor.

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