Thank You for Becoming a Member

A note from our Chairman:

Thank you for becoming a member of Do No Harm and taking a stand on one of the most critical issues of our time.

Healthcare is being ruined by radical ideology. Together we will fight back and make the difference America needs. The future of healthcare – and your own health – depends on it.

Stay tuned for opportunities to take part in our efforts.

Dr. Stanley Goldfarb

Do No Harm is a diverse group of healthcare professionals, medical students, patients, and more. Our moral mission is to protect healthcare from a radical, divisive ideology.

We believe every patient deserves access to the best possible care. Barriers to care should be broken down. We want to make healthcare better for all – not undermine it in pursuit of a political agenda.

To do that, we draw attention to radical ideologies like “anti-racism” and “gender-affirming care” in healthcare. “Anti-racism” holds that racial discrimination is praiseworthy and necessary, and “gender-affirming care” asserts that kids can consent to “treatment” with risky drugs and surgeries.

By making a donation today, you can help us shine a light on the scale of the problem and offer concrete solutions to fix it. Your donation will help us:

  • Educate medical professionals and lawmakers about the dangers of “anti-racism” in medicine.
  • Provide resources and treatment options to families whose children have fallen prey to “gender-affirming care”.
  • Advocate for policies that protect children, patients, healthcare professionals, and the future of healthcare.

With your help, we can fight back against radical activists who care more about identity politics than caring for individual patients.

Please help us protect healthcare in America by donating today!