Ian Kingsbury

Ian Kingsbury is the Director of Research at Do No Harm.

Ian recently joined the Do No Harm team to serve as our Director of Research, bringing with him an extensive public policy research portfolio and stellar reputation. 

He didn’t start his career intending to focus on healthcare. Like many others, his interest and concern with the politicization of healthcare was ignited by public health authorities advising that 2020 COVID-era shutdowns and recommendations against large gatherings could be disregarded when such gatherings occurred under the pretense of racial justice.

Kingsbury’s journey into healthcare policy began in earnest when he was a Research Fellow at the Empire Center for Public Policy in Albany, NY. The organization triumphed in a highly publicized request to receive nursing home death records and tasked him with analyzing the data. The analysis revealed that the directive to transfer COVID-positive patients to nursing homes was associated with about 1,000 additional deaths in New York.

“The State Department of Health had previously said that the directive wasn’t harmful. Then they spun their message to say that they agreed with the conclusion that the directive wasn’t primarily responsible for COVID deaths in New York. Governor Cuomo called our analysis a ‘conspiracy.’

“Health ‘experts’ and medical journals meanwhile didn’t show any inclination to relitigate their COVID mistakes but were intensely interested in race and gender hysteria. I thought to myself, ‘Who watches the watchmen?’”

Several months ago Kingsbury partnered with Do No Harm to analyze peer-reviewed studies cited by advocates of racially discriminatory policies or the sexual transitioning of children. He was appalled by what he observed.

“It’s painfully clear that a great deal of contemporary medical literature is policy-based evidence-making. Advocates pass off their agendas as ‘science’ so they can claim that their worldview is enlightened. They torture data to manipulate results, oversell findings, and mischaracterize other research in plain sight.”

Ian has already kicked-off numerous research projects for Do No Harm to support our efforts to expose instances where ideology is driving “evidence” rather than fact-based science. 

We are excited to have you on board, Ian! 

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