Michelle Havrilla

Michelle is the newest team member of Do No Harm.

Michelle, a certified oncology and palliative care nurse practitioner, brings more than two decades of clinical expertise and three years of dedicated experience in healthcare technology to Do No Harm.

Throughout her nursing career, Michelle was passionate about clinician education, striving to be a voice for clinicians and patients alike. So when she started to notice that patients and clinicians were losing their individual voices as a result of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives – particularly in the wake of the pandemic – she knew she had to speak up.

Michelle reached out to Do No Harm while still working in the healthcare industry, helping us build our nursing coalition and empowering other nurses like her to find their voices and fight back against DEI initiatives that were reducing the quality of patient care. For Michelle, empowering nurses was personal.

“Nurses are the beating heart of healthcare – we’re often the ones who are spending the most time focused on patient care,” Michelle says. “DEI initiatives in medicine just don’t make sense. Patients have a whole life outside of what you treat them for. They are not defined by their condition. We can’t define them by one thing, and we can’t lump everyone into one bucket. Everyone is an individual, and needs to be treated that way.”

We have no doubt that Michelle will bring that individualized approach to our work here at Do No Harm as she fights on the front lines to restore sanity to healthcare.

Welcome to the team, Michelle.

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