Vituity’s (CEP AMERICA LLC.) Racially Discriminatory Incentive Program Ending Following Do No Harm’s Challenge

Do No Harm agreed to settle its lawsuit against the unlawful and discriminatory incentive program offered by Vituity. The medical staffing agency said it would end the “Black Physician Leadership Incentive, ” an incentive program (with a sign-on bonus of up to $100,000) solely offered to black physicians. After Do No Harm sued, Vituity quietly took down the advertisement for the Black Physician Leadership Incentive from its website.

The federal court observed that Do No Harm made a “compelling argument” that Vituity was “blatantly violat[ing] various federal laws.” The court also found that it was “undisputed” that Vituity’s program “discriminate[d] based on race.”

Moving forward, Vituity will no longer consider race when giving doctors incentives.

“The end of Vituity’s racist program is a victory for patients. Medical professionals should be hired on merit alone and medical organizations should abandon the divisive identity politics being used as the basis to implement the debunked theory of racial concordance. Patients want and deserve the best doctors and the best medical care regardless of skin color or the racial makeup of their physician.” Dr. Stanley Goldfarb, board chair of Do No Harm.