We were pushed to transition as teens — now we’re ‘vindicated’ by study showing kids grow out of it

A study which finds gender-confused youth mostly grow out of it and a ban on puberty blockers in England are both being hailed as “vindication” by “detransitioners” — people who have gone back to their birth sex after transitioning as teenagers.

Detransitioners told The Post that they were living evidence for a major study in the Netherlands which found that what psychiatrists refer to as “gender dysphoria” — a desire to be the opposite sex — diminishes significantly between adolescence and early adulthood.

And the also backed a report in England where doctors were told to stop prescribing “puberty blocking” hormones after a bombshell audit of the country’s leading gender clinic, the Tavistock in London, found troubled teens were given the drugs without medical evidence that they were safe.

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