It’s Time to Protect Children from Gender Ideology

Thank you for listening to the You Must Be Some Kind of Therapist podcast featuring Do No Harm Senior Fellow Stephanie Winn. At Do No Harm, we are working to stop the dangerous and irreversible consequences that so-called “gender affirming care” inflicts on children.

“In my first few months as a Senior Fellow at Do No Harm, I’ve been tremendously impressed by the caliber of those involved, and the breadth of skills our members bring to the table. This medical ethics group is well-organized, efficient, mission-driven, altruistic, goal-focused, and effective. They strategically select the most pressing healthcare industry issues of our time and bring the right people to the negotiating table to ensure that our elected representatives hear from those of us with boots on the ground in order to protect the dignity and welfare of vulnerable populations of medical and psychiatric patients.”

Across the country, activists are stifling debate, spreading misinformation, bullying concerned parents and practitioners, and trying to discredit scientific evidence that proves the risks of so-called “gender affirming care,” particularly for minors.

That’s why we launched the Protecting Minors from Gender Ideology initiative, and why-in support of the rights of those who choose to detransition-we partnered with Chloe Cole to advance the Detransitioner Bill of Rights, model legislation that advocates for six core rights for detransitioners.

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